lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

What I have changed?

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  • Maria: hello michel how are you?

  • Michel: not so good. I have a terrible stomachache

  • Maria: really? This is too bad. And have you taken something for it?

  • Michel: My to suggest it must take this pill, the help reduces the pain.

  • Maria: well, this pill does has efect secondarily?

  • Michel: yes, only one. This makes him spleepy, but not worry that this is normal.

  • Maria: perfect!



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martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Welcome at level4

My Classmates

Alexander, and people call him 'Ale', he's wearing a white cap and a light brown t-shirt. He is tall, has brown eyes and has tanned skin too, he is muscular too. He lives in Trebol, Maracaibo and studies Engineering, he's 18 years old. He loves hip-hop music, driving his car and chocolates. He hates studying and english. His dream is to graduate and to be the playboy's owner. His opinion of english is that is very important.

Next is Hernan, people call him 'Negro', he's wearing a blue cap and a light blue chemise. He has brown eyes and tanned skin, he is medium height. He lives in Apomona, Maracaibo and he studies Marketing. He is 25 years old. He loves his family, play with his son, eat pasta and baseball. He hates english, lies and war. His dream is to graduate and travel. His opinion of english is that is difficult for him but I think he likes it.

Next is Maria, people call him 'Malala', she's wearing a blue sweater.she has brown eyes and dark brown long straight hair.she lives in la trinidad, maracaibo and she is studing business. she's 18 years old. she loves music, bunnies,travel. she hates poletics,hot weather,to get up early.his opinion of english is ' i love english'!.

Next is Eduardo, people call him 'Edu', he's wearing a red t-shirt. He has brown and short hair, and his eyes are brown too, he is tall . He lives in La Lago, Maracaibo and he is studing Business . He's 19 years old. He loves music, soccer, dogs and being with me. He hates snakes, traffic and politics. His dream is to graduate and find a great job. His opinion of english is that he likes it very much.*

Welcome to my blog

My name is alexander hidalgo , but averyboy calls me ale.I'm from maracaibo.I'm 18 year old.I'm a engineering student at urbe.I'mlive in maracaibo , in trebol .I love hip-hop , dancing , breakdancing .My dream must travel all over the world, visit Europe and Japan. Certainly I want to graduate of the school of electronics and to be a good engineer. I would like to be employed at a company would marry and begin a family.My opinion about the Englishman, I like to learn new languages. I look T.V in English, this is a good exercise. I wait it can learn more on the Englishman.